心のたび~Heart’s Journey

April 3, 2008, 9:00 am
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(haiku style:0403/2008)
Freezy winter came
Sakura leaves turning gold
Fallen and it’s gone

Now spring time come
This Sakura is not dead
Blooms so beautiful

Not bad, once empty
Experience aridity
And refilled with joy

took an off from work ~~ got heavy migraine, but there’s no use being defeated by this pain, I took my kids to Mcdonalds, bought some burgers and ate it here, while i took some shots ~~ even my head is cracking






April 3, 2008, 8:57 am
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One per day
Our soul’s joy
More closer
And closer
To our God.



My Life


Life was not easy,
Get tired and weary.

I once dreamed full of hope,
But things messed looked for escape.

I once trusted, but was betrayed,
I trumpled, the ground I layed.

I once reached the top and succeed,
My souls empty, joy much in need.

Oh, I did everything on my own,
I strived so hard, but still feel alone.

Until the breathe of life,
Come whispers to my life,
Christ came down to me,
And cleansed all of me,
He renewed my heart,
He came inside my heart,
He let my inner soul set free,
Unlocked the key for eternity.

And I am forever save,
For I believe He will
never ever forsake me,
For it is Christ alone who could ever save me.

aka moemoechi

My Favorite Song

God will make a way

Blooming Heart ~~ 咲いている心
March 29, 2008, 7:56 am
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Blooming Heart

When the world looks beautiful,
It’s because you are thankful,
And when the world looks that bad,
It’s because your heart is sad.

Whatever you do with an empty heart,
Life is meaningless and always depressed,
But for a heart who’s blooming,
Every day’s like spring.

To a heart of a Christian,
Jesus is there, now and then,
He has the faith, hope and love,
A special gift from Heaven above.

Let Jesus rules, inside our hearts,
Let the Holy Spirit’s gifts,
Flows like river unto our souls,
And let us bloom like those flowers.



咲いている心 ~~ の日本語です。(日本語へた~~ぴ~~です~がまんしてね!)





Hanged on the Cross
March 27, 2008, 3:11 pm
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Once the cross was a horrible sign,
It’s a sign of horror and in vain,
A sinful soul that was cursed
Was hanged on the tree to death

Everyone that was cursed,
On the cross was hanged,
So when everyone look on a cross,
Cursed and deaths came on memories.

Destined to be hanged
But there came the Holy One
Too Holy to be cursed.

But this Holy One
Too holy to be cursed
Took our place
Hanged on the cross.

Now the cross is a message of salvation
On the cross the Father’s love shown
Love us so much to let His Son hang on the cross,
A holy sacrifice for us to be freed from the curse.

Now, when everyone looks on the cross
It’s not sin, death and curse inside the memories
But it is where Jesus Christ nailed to death

And shed His blood to wash our sins away.
Once, the cross, a fearful sign of curse,
Now in Christ Jesus no more.

home made breads (reflecting the last supper)手作りパン( 最後の晩餐 を思い出しながら)
March 20, 2008, 12:52 pm
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home made breads (reflecting the last supper)
Originally uploaded by moemoechi.

home made breads (reflecting the last supper) 手作りパン( 最後の晩餐 を思い出しながら)

Baking breads made me reflect about the thoughts of the Last supper.
PASSOVER LAST SUPPER (Thursday) Mt 26:17-30; Mk 14:12-26; Lk 22:7-23; Jn 13:1-30
In an upper room Jesus prepared both himself and his disciples for his death. He gave the Passover meal a new meaning. The loaf of bread and cup of wine represented his body soon to be sacrificed and his blood soon to be shed. And so he instituted the “Lord’s Supper.” After singing a hymn they went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed in agony, knowing what lay ahead for him.

my daugther made all the mixing and and shapes of this bread, and i just assisted her with the ingredients and heating the oven।


Uploaded by moemoechi on 20 Mar 08, 9.41PM JST.

愛は大事… and I understand the importance of love
March 11, 2008, 10:47 am
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Challenges. That is the key word that evolved in my life since the start of this year 2008.

I learned to be a mature one, overcoming the pain of loosing a challenge. The pain I have is nothing as I focused to Jesus Christ. Pains are just here but soon will be gone. The healing peace of God is real. Very real.

I learned how precious and important the Love of God. As how Jesus comprised all the commandments to the commandment of love.

I see clearly how a word with love and a word without love differs. A very short word but full of love, can save a heart. A very good advice, with full of rightful Bible teachings but without love, cannot save a soul, but instead it can make a heart draw away from God, especially if a person is not yet a mature Christian.

A help given with love and a help given without love is different, from those who receives the help. A help given with love, makes those who need the help a total feeling of rescue, and thanksgiving, while a help given without love, even they received the help, they can’t have the feeling of comfort, and will not totally enjoy the help they received.

And it is the same in sharing the gospel. No matter how you preach the gospel, but love there is no love, people’s heart can’t hardly be touch. God is love. God is Spirit. Without the move of the Holy Spirit, God’s love is not moving.

But anything with the move of the Spirit, there must be the presence of God’s love.

I will end up here for a while. I know I have to check out my grammar. Bear with me please. My Japanese translation is not good as well, i need some help in here..

ャレンジ。 あたしの2008の人生のはみまりのキーワード。

チャンス。 チャンスをつかまえるとしたら、きっぱりこたわれました。ふられた。

つらかった。でもそごくかんしゃしてます。 ものそごい大雪な事をまなべました。 

あたしはいっぽ大人になりました、その負けた時の痛みはのりこえることを出来ました。 このいたみはどうでもいい、イエス様をみつめるだけだったらば、どうでもいい。 痛みはここにあるけど、でもすぐにきえるでしょう。 神様のいやされるへいわ、ほもの。かんじられる。



愛をかんじられる助けと愛を感じられないたすけ、助けられてる人たちにたいして、 大きいなちがいがあります。 愛をかんじられるたすけ、ほんとにかんしゃなきもちがわいてくる、安心なきもちがあります。しあわせがあり。 愛を感じられないたすけ、助けをむらても、不安のままです。きつかうきもち。たすけられても、しあわせがない。

ゴスペルをおしる時にもおなじ。いくら神様の教えでんどうしても、愛がかんじられないと、人の心あまりおごかない。 神は愛。神は霊。  聖霊のはたらきないと神の愛も、ながれてない。どんな事をやっても、聖霊の働きあれば、神様の愛、かならずかんじられます。